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Rohn EnghRohn Engh is founder and director of PhotoSource International, which offers informational newsletters, market letters, and other marketing aids for stock photographers. Engh is one of the country's most published stock photographers, writes several photo columns, and gives photo marketing seminars nationwide. Books he has written include Sell & Resell Your Photos, and

Photographers ask me. "Can I sell my photos to book, magazine, and e-book publishers?"

My answer. "Definitely, yes!"

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Featured Items

PhotoLetter (Yearly Subscription)

PhotoLetter (Yearly Subscription)

You're about to discover a powerful way to know exactly what photobuyers at hundreds of books and magazines want in the way of photos, and how much they'll pay for them -- every week -- week after week -- and all sent directly to you! 800 624-0266
Price : $59.00
PhotoStockNotes/PLUS (Yearly Subscription)

PhotoStockNotes/PLUS (Yearly Subscription)

You can use the photo listings in the "PLUS" for the sale of specific photo requests that match up with your stock photo collection and also use it as a blue-print for ideas for you to shoot while you build up your stock file. 800 624-0266
Price : $39.00
PhotoStockNotes (Yearly Subscription)

PhotoStockNotes (Yearly Subscription)

The weekly e-mail newsletter that does the research for you and capsulizes developments and issues affecting you as part of the stock photo industry 800 624-0266
Price : $12.00
How to Make the Marketable Photo

How to Make the Marketable Photo

Making marketable photos is at the core of your picture-taking. Without the knowledge packed into "How to Make the Marketable Photo," you could go for years following an errant path. The information in this eBook will save you time and money
Price : $14.95
How To Market Your Photos Course

How To Market Your Photos Course

Benefit from step-by-step examples of search engine marketing techniques that few photographers know about yet. Learn how you can use your Website to earn more income, not only from stock sales, but from the sale of prints and from advertising revenue
Price : $49.00
The Interviews

The Interviews

Well, here?s a disc that gives you the next best thing ? or maybe it?s THE best thing, because with this collection of interviews you can sit down and hear pointers from TWELVE successful people in the field.
Price : $19.95
PhotoDaily (Monthly Subscription)

PhotoDaily (Monthly Subscription)

PhotoDaily will help your stock sales skyrocket.
Price : $1.00
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